Thailand’s first private PPA solar rooftop scheme

Impact Solar, as subsidiary company of IES, offers Thailand’s first ever private solar rooftop solutions with over 30MW PPAs signed to a list of distinguished corporations.

With Thailand’s abundance solar resources as well as countless idle roof spaces on commercial and industrial buildings, Impact Solar foresaw this niche opportunity and initiated Thailand’s first solar rooftop private PPA scheme in which no initial investment cost is required from the property owner.

Long-term saving on your energy bill in favor of your sustainable business growth

Impact Solar offers long-term saving on your energy bill in favor of your sustainable business growth.

  1. One-stop service
    Through our team of enthusiastic professionals, Impact Solar provides a one-stop solar rooftop service from consultation and site survey through to operation and maintenance to ensure a smooth transition.
  2. Flexible savings plan
    We offer guaranteed savings via flexible packages to best suit our customers’ requirements.
  3. Experienced track records
    As a subsidiary company of IES, the first mover in energy project developments across Asia Pacific since 2008, Impact Solar became Thailand’s first private PPA scheme solar rooftop provider.
  4. Trusted by international stakeholders and renowned customers
    With extensive experiences, Impact Solar have successfully acquired JCM, an exclusive financial support program initiated by Government of Japan, for a number of our projects. Other notable customers such as Big C Supercenter, Thai Union Group, Jay Mart PCL, and more have proven our strengths as a leader in Thailand’s renewable energy industry.