About Us
Our work is our passion

We are passionate about our work, our people, and our brand. With passion come great achievements. It is what ultimately drives us to initiate “first mover” ideas and develop new ways to provide affordable clean energy for all.

Our people is our brand

We believe our most valuable asset is our people. Our company acts as a playground to excite and inspire ideas to be responsibly different. Together as a family, we build a brand that breathes passion, initiation, integrity, and success.

  • A disruptive workplace where every idea matters
    Pavika Tanveerakasem
    Finance Director
  • Energy is our passion and our potential.
    Pollawat Prisawong
    Business Development
  • IES, we always shine first in the darkness.
    Phachara Siriyakula
    Business Development
  • Colour your life with challenge.
    Natthawadi Limsaguan
  • "It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop. -Confucius quotes-"
    Nattanit Tonprasert
    Business Development
  • Change “one day” into “today”.
    Phatraporn Nuntharungsri
  • Umaporn Katepanich
  • Theerarat Suwansichon
  • Passion first
    Tham Piyawongrungrueng
  • Kullamas Udomkijja
  • Narut Boakajorn
    Business Development
  • Move forward with sustainable light.
    Worapan Tabtimsi
  • IES aims to make energy as abundant and economical as air around you.
    Kong Kritayakirana
    Advisor - Technology
  • Onanong Tachawong
    Corporate Services
  • We will grow together with IES little family ^^
    Patcharin Klinhowhan
    Corporate Services
  • First move does not need to come early.
    Patrapol Tangchitnamthamrong
    Business Development
  • Songsak Suwarawan
  • Brightening up the world.
    Sunanta Dejchanin
    Human Resources
  • Clean & Green are our Goal !
    Suthapa Wongpetikul
    Corporate Services
  • Kanokporn Raksereepitak
    External Relations
  • Sira Khamklai
    Business Development
  • Let’s save earth together, everyday.
    Thanomchai Saepu
  • Amorn Vorashompoo
    Business Development
  • Chaovalit Khunchaiyaphum
    External Relations
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